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Pertussis Symptoms In Children

Pertussis symptoms

The symptoms are due to infection with bacillus Bordet-Gengou varied according to individuals.
Pertussis in infants is very severe and atypical.

A child whose age is between four and eight years and who is not vaccinated, the symptoms of pertussis are.

The incubation period is silent corresponding development in the body of organisms causing a disease that manifests itself by symptoms yet. This period between contamination (contact with the germ: contagion) and the appearance of the first symptoms of this disease.

The period of invasion lasts eight days; it is characterized by a cough accompanied by nasopharyngitis. Then appear runny nose, mild fever and cough sometimes cause vomiting. The invasion is the period leading up to the first-period symptoms characterizing the disease state itself. This period is characterized by the invasion of the body by a pathogen (causing illness).

It then will intensify nasopharyngitis, cough became dry. This period corresponds to the maximum of pertussis infection.

State the period corresponds to the period of coughing. This is symptomatic of pertussis: five expiratory shaking followed by a long inspiration (the patient draws air) called wheezing "whoop."

In some cases, there is an apnea (stopping breathing) or vomiting at the end of the straight. In young children, these apneas are sometimes accompanied by cyanosis (blue or purple skin and mucous membranes) corresponding to a decrease of the arrival of oxygen to the tissues.

In contrast, the older child and adult sometimes present sole as cough, only manifestation of the disease.

The number of fifth day is variable, with a maximum at night and this for three weeks.

The disappearance of coughing occurs around the sixth week.

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