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Dr. Oz Show - All ready for the valuable advice of Dr. Oz?

On FoxLife comes one of America's most popular talk show: We know with Dr. Mehmet Oz ...

After Dr. Phil, Oprah launched Dr. Oz. Thanks corner paid it by the queen of American TV within its program, Dr. Mehmet Oz with the column "Ask Dr. Oz" has won a large contingent of loyal viewers. For five years, he responded to questions about health, sexuality, the secrets to fight aging, on how to keep fit in the best way ... And after five years the same Oprah, with her own production company, he thought it was time to give him his own show - The Dr. Oz Show, in fact - and as always, Oprah was right ...

Cardiothoracic surgeon and professor at Columbia University, Dr. Oz won an Emmy for the best talk show host: not an easy task, given the fierce competition of American television programming. Building on its clarity, its natural and affable but of his great scientific knowledge, from September 29, Dr Oz will also FoxLife, with a daily appointment at 17:40.

After the popularity thanks to Oprah, Larry King and many other famous conductor's Americans who wanted to rely on his advice, Mehmet Oz was ready to land in Italy, giving viewers to FoxLife is a new meeting and packed with interesting news. So interesting that the show was renewed for a second season, to reward the professionalism of the protagonist and the loyalty of a public that appreciates the seriousness of those who give advice on a sensitive topic such as health and believe more in the preparation and less improvisation ...

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