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HCG Diet Cure Balance weight after 1 month

The HCG diet contend that once the cure must be completed a stabilization phase to reset the hypothalamus.

Suddenly, the metabolism working properly and can eat normally without regaining weight.

So what is it really?

It works, it does not work?

Here are the results

Cure hcg, small drops that change your life!

I finished the cure June 28 Since I must say that I ate a little of everything and anything ... The ice cream, nutella, lots of bread ... Gogo cheese, sausage huuuum and so on!

Since it takes a break of 6 weeks between courses hcg (if we still have weight to lose), I thought to redo a in early August.

But with all this nonsense food I had a little choquottes back on the scales! And yes because normally when I weight differences flies quickly.

But as I start the hcg cure and I have noted the results to let you know ... well no choice! This morning I go back on the scale and after a few cold sweats ... I was quite surprised!

Here are the results of the first course:
May 12 - Start of the hCG diet - Weight: 107.3 kg
May 14 - After two days of gavage - Weight: 109.7 kg
June 12 - After a month of Cure - Weight: 99.3 kg
June 28 - End of the Cure - Weight: 99.5 kg

And now the results at the beginning of the second course:
August 10 - Start of the hCG diet - Weight: "Unknown: Fear of balance LOL"
August 12: - After two days of gavage - Weight: 99.4 kg

And in addition I have taken a small photo on the scale:

Voili voilou for small news. So I leave for 43 days curing time that I will follow to the letter even more. In any case, I'm going with this in mind!

If all goes well I should lose another 10kg see during this month!

I've also talked to a friend who was the cure but with hcg hormone injections. Unlike me, she was not hungry at all during the treatment and was followed to the letter.

After treatment several weeks ago that stabilization has also complied unlike me ...

Guess what?

She lost 11 kg in 30 days and total cure after 9 weeks (including stabilization) has lost 20 lbs!

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