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Dr. Oz - Who is Dr. Oz?

We discover something more beloved protagonist of the talk show that talks about medicine and health.

Which was launched by the most watched talk show in America, to Oprah Winfrey, already know. Just as we know that the great success of his program, The Dr. Oz Show, is due to the professionalism of its conductor and issues - ranging from life-saving medical advice the touching and inspiring stories of people who have looked into the eye's diseases more diverse and have won their battle. We also know that Dr. Oz treats each topic, even the most "embarrassing," as somehow considered a bit 'taboo on TV (and possibly from the bon ton) but absolutely "newspapers" in terms of medicine.

What you may not yet know, and we discover together, is that Mehmet Oz - winner of a Daytime Emmy for his program and professor of surgery at Columbia University - has signed something like four hundred publications, including books, essays and articles in the most prestigious medical journals. What you may not yet know is that as director of the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at Presbyterian Hospital in New York has devoted his life to the fight against cardiovascular disease and the search for fewer invasive methods in case of need for surgery.

And what we do not know, perhaps, is that Dr. Oz - born in Cleveland in 1960 - he graduated in medicine at Harvard, was an athlete in college and was representative of the student body. In addition to its famous TV corner, Oprah led the series "Transplants" and has appeared several times on Good Morning America and Larry King. It should also be to him for medical advice touching movie with Denzel Washington John Q. Many of his books, with the advice for a proper diet to stay young in a natural way and to address the most important experiences such as pregnancy, were best sellers in the prestigious literary New York Times.

Mehmet Oz, who lives in New Jersey with his wife Lisa and their four children - Arabella, Zoe, Daphne and Oliver - won third place in the ranking by Forbes's magazine dedicated to the most influential celebrities and received the Medal of Honor on Ellis Island. It has often been voted the "doctor of the year" and its Facebook page has nearly 900,000 fans, while twitter is followed by almost half a million people.

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