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What is normal blood pressure?

What is regular blood pressure varied with age, among other things? The normal blood pressure rises with age. Therefore, we tend not to talk about what is normal, but we are talking about what is a too high blood pressure.

As mentioned, there is a too high blood pressure when the pressure (systolic pressure) is above 140 and / or when under pressure (diastolic pressure) is above 90. The meaning of a too high pressure depends on how many other risk factors you have: age, gender (men have higher risk than women), smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, previous heart disease. The more risk factors you have, the more important it is to be lowered a light or moderate hypertension. Conversely, if you have no other risk factors, accepted a slightly higher blood pressure.

The sums of all risk factors are referred to as total risk, more on that below.

What causes high blood pressure?
The cause of high blood pressure is not known. More than 90% of those screened for high blood pressure, do not have any definite demonstrable cause.

what is normal blood pressure for women

High blood pressure is believed to be the result of an interplay of many factors. Inheritance is a contributing cause in many, and diets are important. Exercise and physical activity seem to counteract the high pressure, while obesity and stress are an increase. Some renal and endocrine disorders can also cause blood pressure elevation.

How are long-term prospects?
If hypertension is left untreated for many years, it leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The overall risk of this disease depends on several factors. It is therefore, important to look at things other than blood pressure.

Medication cannot replace a healthy lifestyle!

Usually, blood pressure treatment lifelong. However, sometimes a change of lifestyle causes such great improvements that blood pressure controlled without medication.

Common complications of hypertension are stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney damage.

Living with high blood pressure
Many people have trouble motivating themselves to take medication for years for a "disease" they do not notice anything. However, it is important that you use the medicine exactly as your doctor has prescribed, so that you reduce the risk of serious complications in the long run.

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