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High blood pressure diagnosis

How the condition diagnosed?
Blood pressure varies from day to day and from minute to minute. To make a definite diagnosis is required so that the blood pressure remains elevated by repeated measurements over weeks and months. If blood pressure is only moderately elevated, it is recommended to observe the blood pressure of 3-6 months before taking a position on whether blood pressure should be treated with medication.

As part of the report before taking the treatment, taken blood samples to measure cholesterol, blood sugar check and rule out any kidney disease or thyroid disease. An ECG shows the heart has become overloaded because of the high pressure if in doubt about the diagnosis is also the registration of blood pressure throughout the day (24-hour blood pressure).

high blood pressure conditions-treatments

Total Risk
Since blood pressure is only one of the several risk factors for developing heart disease, be the crucial importance to reveal the overall risk. Other risk factors include the incidence of heart disease in the family (parents and siblings), smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes type 1 and type 2, obesity, being a man. It is the sum of all these risk factors that determine your overall risk. The further risk factors, the more reason to treat blood pressure. Fewer risk factors, the more reason to focus on non-pharmacological advice.

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