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Prevention activity is the best medicine - High Blood Pressure

The restructuring of the diet should come along with increased physical activity. Exercise makes it easier, among other things for your body to regulate how much you eat compared to what you actually need.

Physical activity is good medicine for slightly elevated blood pressure. It reduces the risk of including heart disease and stroke. People who have very high blood pressure should, however, be careful to start exercising without talking to their doctor about this beforehand. This is especially true if you have not been very physically active.

In addition to training can prevent many diseases, it can make you more touches you also make you lose weight. This in turn can help your blood pressure drops.

Mila the threshold can be heavy. However, remember that you do not have to lie in the hard training! It's nice if you can get the heart pumping and get a little sweaty, but there is little activity in everyday lives that are most important. For those who are not very physically active, even a modest increase in activity in their daily lives provided significant health benefits. A half-hour walks or another moderate activity every day is what it takes. All new activities should start slowly and increase gradually.

I want to take part in strenuous physical exercise, you should first talk to your doctor about it. Listen to your body. Allow it to determine the intensity and duration of the activity. If you are exhausted, you have taken in too hard. As you come in the form, you can stand more. You become stronger and stronger!

Exercise can also reduce stress, which is an important reason why many women have high blood pressure. When you exercise to do you get away from the stresses you. You have time to think. The increased blood flow to get the body through exercise can relieve muscle knots and take away the pain from the stress-filled necks and shoulders.

best medicine for hypertension

Stir in your
In a society where many of us have little time, it can walk or cycle to work be a particularly effective way to fit in regular physical activity. Do you find it hard to get out the door after you get home from work? It can go by bus, tram or train one or more stops before you tend to be a way to increase your daily activity? And if you go to the store, feel free to take a little extra round while you are out there. Furthermore, to choose the car park further away where you should, help to make your day more active.

Use the activity opportunities that present themselves. Use the stairs instead of elevators, play with children or grandchildren, do housework, go walk over to his colleague instead of sending an e-mail, stand up to the radio and television.

At least 30 minutes each day
You should be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day. The activity can be divided into blocks of 10-15 minutes. The activity should be easy for a little tiring.

Remember that all activity should start quietly, and eventually increase in intensity over time. I want to take part in strenuous physical exercise; you should first talk to your doctor.

Making life more active
If you are not very active before, only small changes have major health benefits. Here is some advice on activities of everyday life:
  • Walk or cycle instead of using the car
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Do you have to take a vehicle from work, go to one or two stops before you jump on the bus?
  • Walk or bike to the store instead of using the car
  • Snow shoveling is strength.
  • Gardening provides good exercise.
  • Housework and car wash also provides good exercise.
  • Children and grandchildren are vigorous workout buddies. Tobogganing, ball games, a trip on skis, skates or in the swimming pool is a great exercise.
  • If you love dogs, get a companion who must have to exercise every day.
Do you list a little higher and want to work more systematically? It is perhaps an opportunity for you to start to walk or cycle to and from work? This is a great way to become more active. Start by doing so, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and possibly increase all five working days. You will certainly notice the difference.

Job's satisfaction is important.
It is important to find activities you enjoy. If you are unsure about what you like, it may be helpful to try different things. It may take some time to get the positive experience and the joy of new and unfamiliar activities, give yourself this time. If you love to swim, then do it. If you'd like to go hiking, so do it instead. If you wish to participate in organized activities, so check what's the offer where you live or work.

Do you know anyone who participates in sports or doing something else in the private sector, so ask them? Many people prefer to move along with others. Do not hesitate to contact your neighbor or colleague, friends or girlfriends. Most people will appreciate that you ask.

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