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People with high blood pressure should avoid

Are there other medications used in people with high blood pressure?
High blood pressure is one of the several risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Other important causes include smoking, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and lack of exercise.

To reduce the risk of such diseases, it is important to take on any risk factors. Blood pressure reduction, smoking cessation, weight reduction and exercise are important. Good treatment of diabetes is critical and needs vangligvis medical treatment. People who have high-cholesterol levels, may have an excellent preventive effect of cholesterol-lowering medications ( statins ). In people who already have signs of cardiovascular disease, the blood-thinning medication ( aspirin ) may be appropriate to use.

When blood pressure is not going down.
Sometimes high blood pressure may be difficult to bring under control, although you may use three different drugs. Your doctor will have to reassess your condition. Possible explanations include:

high blood pressure what should i avoid

  • If you follow the schedule? Have you made the necessary changes in lifestyle and take medications as prescribed?
  • Do you have artificially high blood pressure while you are at the doctor (white coat hypertension)? If not already done so, it may be necessary to provide you with a 24-hour blood pressure device for repeated measurements of blood pressure throughout the day.
  • Chronic kidney disease, obstructive sleep apnea and hyperaldosteronism - all of which can lead to fluid accumulation in the body, can also cause such a result. The same applies to obesity, high alcohol intake, high salt intake and use of NSAIDs.
  • Inadequate drug therapy is the most common cause of treatment failure.

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