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Hypertension Green Prescription Medication - When you're at the doctor

Your doctor should be - with you - a plan for how to eat healthier and be more physically active.

In order for your doctor to give you advice on beneficial changes for you, he or she must first know a little about what you now eat and how much you touch you. You, your doctor or both together to fill out a diet and activity form that the doctor has with them.

Green prescriptions filled out of the doctor. On the doctor write down what you agree on. The greatest effect is obtained by making some changes in both activity and dietary habits, but you can also choose to change a little on one of them to begin with.

Think of the prescription as a contract between the doctor and you about what you have achieved the next consultation. Remember, you best know what is realistic to achieve.

You can set requirements for health: Agree with your doctor about what is his or her responsibility to follow up.

This should make your doctor when you meet:
Have there been any changes in your diet, if so, which ones? How much increase in activity level have you achieved? What is your weight and / or waist measurement is being at the moment compared to the previous consultation? What is your blood pressure now?

hypertension prescription drugs

An appropriate goal for many people with high blood pressure in combination with obesity should be a weight loss of 4-5 kg after three months.

Often times you'll have the doctor briefly. You may want to prepare yourself before the consultation. Please write down questions in advance.

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