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Disaster Prevention and Management

Disaster Management

"In 2004, I was on holiday in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck. I joined immediately to the relief of the Red Cross instead. Back in Canada, I realized the importance of being able to help my own community. I became a volunteer in disaster management and, thereafter, I began to train other volunteers in my community. I am proud to help people in this way. I can always do and I regularly know that I can be there when you need me "
Every day, there are disasters - every day, the Red Cross is.

Floods, forest fires, hurricanes and earthquakes wreak havoc in communities across Canada and around the world. The Red Cross is working with communities to help them prepare for disasters, to provide the necessary emergency support when disaster strikes and to support separated families seeking to meet.

Want to join the largest network of disaster preparedness and relief in the world? You can do this in several ways:

Volunteer - Contact the Red Cross in your community to find out how you can volunteer in disaster management and support your community disaster.

Be prepared - Make sure you and your family are ready to face any disaster.

Be informed - Learn about the various activities of claim's management program of the Canadian Red Cross.

  • Disaster response
  • Climate Change
  • Health emergencies and pandemics
  • Services to migrants and refugees

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