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Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR

Gain valuable skills

First Aid programs of the Canadian Red Cross offers more than an opportunity to learn how to prevent injuries and to think, react and improvise in emergency situations. They enable young people to acquire skills and open the door to employment opportunities.

The training program for First Aid Instructors

The training program monitors First Aid Red Cross allows candidates to receive training and instructor certificate. Instructors can then prepare and give first aid and CPR.

The training program is designed to monitor candidates 18 years and older to adopt a personal approach to teaching, focusing on injury prevention, forms of learning and a variety of teaching techniques that take into account ability, age and needs of each candidate. Our instructors are First Aid and CPR trained to encourage each participant to reach their personal goals, given the fact that these objectives can vary from one person to another.

The First Aid Instructor course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to give first aid and CPR to the Canadian Red Cross.

The organizers of large events at various locations in Canada often use the services of first aid teams of Red Cross. They rely on their expertise to organize and manage first aid services of high quality. Each year, volunteers from the Red Cross involved in more than one hundred public events.


You have 11 or more years and have decided to babysit? Are you ready to fulfill this important responsibility? For example, do you know how:
  • To prevent damage, and the children's safety?
  • Prepare a simple meal?
  • Feed a baby or change a diaper?
  • Organize games with children of all ages?
  • Need to handle an emergency?
Or good staff, good babysitter knows all of these things and more. Learn Red Cross through the "Babysitter" is easy and can be fun. This course, completely revised and updated, is in tune with today's youth.

Babysitting is the first job for many teenagers and the Red Cross can help them to become real "pros". Expectant parents want their wardens have training in babysitting. Get your "qualification card" and receive valuable tips to manage your security service. The program addresses in particular the following:
  • important skills to care for children
  • precautions with children of all ages
  • how to deal with common problems, such as tantrums and crying
  • how to respond to events that put the guard uncomfortable
  • games and other ideas for fun with the kids while keeping
  • ways to make the children's environment safe and enjoyable
  • responsibilities and respective rights of guardians and families who employ

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