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Canadian Red Cross Work Jobs Swimming and Water Safety

Swimming and Water Safety

The water safety programs of Red Cross they offer something other than swimming lessons? Absolutely! Swimming programs and water safety Red Cross are intended for young people. If you want to become known as a Water Safety Instructor, water sports, with friends, to learn or improve your swimming skills, the Canadian Red Cross has a program for you.

Training instructors

The Canadian Red Cross has a long tradition of training instructors trained professionals who enjoy swimming as helping others to learn. During the Water Safety Instructor and practical experiences allow you to deepen your knowledge. They also give you the tools you need to get a job as a Water Safety Instructor for the Red Cross.

The program for instructors Red Cross offers the best possible training for people interested in teaching and leadership roles.

Click here to discover the world of possibilities that offers the program for Water Safety Instructors of the Red Cross.

Programs for adults and adolescents

In addition, if you are simply looking forward to improving your fitness or try a new sport, you can do so through the programs of the Red Cross for adults and adolescents. These programs allow you to learn or improve your strokes and introduce you to the underwater hockey, water polo, surfing and body boarding, swimming triathlon, and more.

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