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Diagnosis wolff parkinson white syndrome

How is the diagnosis?
ECG is the key study. The findings, however, often so difficult, the diagnosis must eventually be made by a cardiologist. ECG may vary from the typical findings of completely normal conditions. So there is a risk that the diagnosis can be overlooked.

Occasionally, it is necessary to perform cardiac catheterization and perform electrical measurements of the heart.

What is the treatment?
The goal of treatment is to cure the seizures and to prevent seizures.

In emergency situations, it is necessary to give an electric shock to get the heart back into a steady rhythm again. Medications may be relevant both to prevent and treat seizures.

wolff parkinson white syndrome diagnosis

However, if you are affected - eg. get dizzy and chest tightness during the seizure, or a risk of dangerous arrhythmias, or if you are much troubled by attacks, you should be treated with what is called radiofrequency ablation. It is a treatment that is performed in conjunction with cardiac catheterization, where doctors locate "extra wires" and burn them. The results have been successful for over 98% of children, and adolescents treated and should be preferred to drug therapy. Complications are rare, less than 2%.

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