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Symptoms and signs of WPW syndrome?

Often, you as the patient knows that you have a heart condition. Seizures occur in many by exertion or stress, but attacks can also come without any provocation. During the attack, you have a pulse 200-250 beats per minute and blood pressure is often low. You can select everything from mild chest discomfort or palpitations, severe cardiac pulmonary disease. Sometimes the condition is discovered during a routine ECG.

The medical examination WPW gives no specific findings.

wpw signs symptoms

What is the prognosis?
Patients with WPW have an excellent prognosis when treated with ablation of the extra wires.

There is little data on the mortality of such arrhythmias, but most studies operate with a history of sudden death in the order of 0-4%. For example. It was followed in a study more than 600 patients without symptoms of WPW, in 5-20 years, and during this period were only two sudden deaths recorded.

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