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A sedentary lifestyle can lead to

Several things may have brought that you have high blood pressure. Heredity, age, stress, diabetes and smoking may be some of them. However, we also know that obesity and lack of exercise are very important causes of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure affects 10-15 percent of the adult population and is an important risk factor for stroke and heart attack.

a sedentary lifestyle will not lead to

Soft drinks, chocolate and other foods high in sugar and fat can now be bought almost anywhere at a cheap price. Each of us drank an average of 90 liters of sugar-sweetened soft drinks a year.

We will not be many decades before the exercise was a natural part of everyday life. Today we sit much more quietly, at work, in car seat or in front of the TV.

When we move less, we burn fewer calories. When we also eat as many calories as before, we get several pounds of fat to carry. In our sedentary lives can we simply do not have to burn what we eat. The more weight gives many bodies and many hearts an extra burden.

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