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Vitamins for anxiety

Other coping strategies for anxiety

A variety of supplements and medications without prescription are also used for their alleged anti-anxiety properties, although there is little evidence to support these assertions. It is believed that some herbs have anti-anxiety principles, such as valerian root or chamomile. Some method of brief strategic therapy is emerging rapidly for their proven effectiveness and that are far less costly in terms of time and much cheaper than traditional forms of psychotherapy. Food supplements to combat anxiety include magnesium and B vitamins. Some attention to themselves, and relaxation techniques play an important role in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety. For example:

An appropriate diet - The caffeine, sugar consumption is the low, in general, improvement of the food. Caffeine should be decreased gradually. Some anxiety sufferers, simply by taking the following steps to reduce their anxiety has been reported.

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Exercise - It is thought that a little 'exercise relieves stress. Anxiety sufferers should note that the palpitations of the heart during exercise can trigger a panic attack and then, probably, it is best to the gradual build an exercise routine within a cognitive-behavioral program.

  • Laugh
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Sleep appropriate.

Relaxation techniques - A state of relaxation can be achieved with the help of recorded self-hypnosis, biofeedback, yoga, meditation. There are a number of books specialized in stress management.

Stress Management - This may require changes in lifestyle and time management. There are a number of books specialized in stress management.

Strategies for dealing with panic attacks. Specific methods for dealing with panic attacks, breathing technique, proper and reassuring self-talk.

The search for purpose and meaning - As a result, some experts suggest that the rest of the general anxiety of one kind of boring existence. They recommend that a patient's remarkable seek.

Alcoholic drinks are probably the substance most commonly used for relieving anxiety. Those who suffer anxiety should be cautioned that alcohol is also a powerful depressant and has a plethora of annoying and dangerous side effects besides causing addiction.

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