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Status anxiety

Prejudice is a girl of 25 years and a bit of time I suffer when I am in the midst of the people to have high heartbeats (not always the case) then you have chest pains and feel like I'm about to pass out and even when they speak people seems to me all confused I feel all boomed like to know if it is just a state of anxiety, and this thing happens to me at certain time's periods all is well and other times it hurts, and I know what I do when I find myself in those situations, and if I could make a DIY remedy since go to a psychologist.
The "doctors of this kind" are the ones that turned here for help.

If indeed his discomfort is so great, would do well to pass from one side of the embarrassment of talking about his business to a person (who is not an ordinary person, but a person who has chosen and trained to do just this job ) and on the other side of shame compared to what people might think if he came to know that it's a psychologist. Who decides to go to a psychologist is a responsible person who takes care of himself, just like those who go to a cardiologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist?

It speaks of embarrassment for the psychologist.
However, it faces a choice, continue to feel some discomfort that makes life complicated or talk to a psychologist who can really help her.

The psychologist is not there to hear the facts, but to give directives to overcome his problem.

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