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Rife therapy

Is an alternative treatment for illnesses and diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and chronic pain patients who use the therapy as a way to reduce dependence on medication and to try to increase levels of energy loss? The therapy involves the Rife machines that emit ultrasonic or electromagnetic frequencies, which is said to kill bacteria and toxins, boost energy and strengthen the immune system. The Food and Drug Administration does not recognize common therapy as a medical treatment, and the devices have been the focus of health-fraud cases.

Rife therapy tends to be a procedure for do-it-yourself, because it is widely accepted by medical professionals and is not part of most medical practices. Some of the most popular machines are the well-liked 'High Power Magnetic Pulser, EMEM machine, Coil Machine and machine Contact CA. In early 2010, most were willing to shop on-line alternative-health for anywhere between $ 1. 500 and $ 15. 000. Before buying a car very popular and bring it in, talk to your doctor about this treatment method. Relying exclusively on the common therapy for the treatment of a disease or disorder can be dangerous.

rife therapy side effects

Your new machine is full it should come with an operating manual which explains how to turn on the machine and set to use. You already have the pre-programmed frequency codes from the manufacturer so that I could not understand the questions of frequency for yourself. What is the best work force, assuming ultrasound to determine what diseases the list of frequencies, the effect on the bacteria or toxins that your body is believed to be necessary to kill the disease? For example, frequency of 9.39 is used by some patients suffering from arthritis, and asthma sufferers could use 120.

Rife Therapy Practice
Most machines have widespread relief that emitted frequencies of ultrasound. -You can apply these pads to the places in your body or just your hands after switching on the machine. Do not place the electrodes near the heart, eyes, or the front of the neck, because the frequencies produced by the electric machine can disturb the normal operation. For the same reason, people with pacemakers are advised not to use machines on the agenda.

You can buy a machine that emits frequencies without direct contact with the body, but some users say the benefits are reduced. Once the pads are in place, sat motionless as possible for the rest of the session, calm and relaxed,
initiation of therapy sessions spread a couple of times a week, increasing the frequency of sessions, as positive results are seen. Sessions can last from five to 45 minutes, depending on what you feel comfortable.

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