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Arrhythmia Trigger tests

The following tests may trigger arrhythmias that can be investigated with ECG:

Stess test: Some arrhythmias triggered or aggravated by physical activity. During a stress test, you will be asked to exert yourself by walking or running on a treadmill or ride a stationary bicycle. At the same time, it recorded cardiovascular activity using ECG ( Stress ECG ). It is also possible to stimulate the heart with the help of a drug (drug provocation), in order to achieve the same strain effect. It may be useful if you have difficulty in walking, running or cycling.

Tilt Test: Performed on patients with recurrent fainting. Pulse and blood pressure monitored while lying flat on an examination table. The table is tilted as if you stand.

The investigators included in how job changes affect the heart and nervous system that control the heart. You can also use provocation drugs.

Tilt test is positive if it produces the typical symptoms accompanied by low blood pressure or slow pulse (bradycardia). The result is indicative of the treatment.

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