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Nurse Salary

I graduated in November, and I'm really curious to know after three years of training, which is the actual salary of a nurse.

Some say 1300 other 2200 does not find a middle ground. At first, I know it must be supported and how they make you do only morning shifts and pom. So this will be the lower salary because the night is expected to increase.

Then it is true that the departments of Cardiology, Ps, Sar; dialysis had a higher salary because of high richio and recognized as the critical area?

Sincerely hope to gain if the 1500 is more than that is fine too because I will soon make me a home loan, and it is better to have a good bag.

In fact, if you work in an intensive care benefit are recognized more, but this is not that increases from 1300 to 2200 euros as you're told.

You must also take into account: Night bonuses and / or holiday and / or readily available, additional services (where required), ability to monetize the extraordinary voice and last but not least, INDEED, incentives: that is, for equal work performed as well as length of service, the voice that varies from company to company, and that could ease a salary over another.

You ought to "bribe" a colleague, and you make a photocopy of the envelope to see all the items that compose it: only then can you get an 'idea how to get rich (of intent, because economically you ever forget it' s time).

When people ask us how much money, a nurse in the public sector, should be correct, especially in front of the media, to provide data about the original band (D 0), no grants, as night and holidays, why do not all nights and holidays.

So the salary of a nurse is about 1200 euros.
The others are fringe benefits and should not be counted.

We're on that figure for a non-shift worker, a D0 or D1. Of course if you have 20 years of service, if you do 10 nights a month, if you work all the holidays, or if you extraordinary shift incentive, if you work in an intensive care or infectious disease, if you have any special allowances, but then you go up mica from time to know, maybe 200 to 300 €, of course, the figure varies.

A student of nursing
(During the training period, in all probabilities ', will be' improperly
yet defined "student") asks us:

I'm really curious to know after three years of training, which is the actual salary of a nurse.

Nurse salary california and NYC

So I invite you to ask the support staff, technical and administrative support.
As these categories (often improperly called by us "colleagues")
are part of our fund.

After that ', do not be surprised that straighten some categories (happens in Rome, I challenge anyone to argue otherwise), such as porters, later this month they get a fee equal or even superior to that of a professional nurse, under constant risk physical, chemical, biological and potential legal risks.

Are the usual defeatist?
Are the usual polemical, against the useless?

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