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Emergency Room Nurse

At the emergency-room nurse who "sees and cherishes"

It's called See & Treat in means "to see and care," the new way to manage the emergency room where the nurse becomes more and more managers, which in recent months has sparked the ire of doctors. The spark was a decision reached last year of the Tuscany Region, which has formalized the See & Treat, hitherto only a trial.

Access to the emergency room - is the new forecast - the nurses, formerly responsible for assigning the "color" of triage to determine the severity of the case. It can directly send the patient to a specialist without going to the doctor or emergency room, in case of minor procedures (such as minor cuts and abrasions, minor bruising, sunburn, insect stings, rhinitis, conjunctivitis), act by itself.

emergency room nurse practitioner

"The fundamental skills of the role of a guarantor of the physician cannot be subject to overlapping or inappropriate subtract, instead forming an exclusive legal obligation and an ethical duty of the doctor and dentist," was the summary of the response of the National Federation of Associations of doctors.

Harder the hospital. According to the Anaao, the largest trade union, the study should have "clear responsibility profiles and not to conceal attempts to move towards a low-cost health care." And Cimo has launched an appeal to the Minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, to "immediately change the law with national expertise in the healthcare professions: a resolution to come is not enough." Even the Medical Association of Bologna raised the issue of competence.
It dampens the tone instead Federation of Nurses (Ipasvi), stating that it is a "no news" because the See & Treat formalizes what many year's nurses are in the emergency department: It is expected to indent the less severe cases have to be a law of 1992.

However, if one of the See & Treat is an open dispute between doctors and nurses; the "struggle" between the health professions does not stop there. Off the dispute between doctors and biologists in the 90s on the direction of the testing laboratories, is the last week's announcement of the medical college of Rome (the biggest in Europe) the judgment of the court in the capital with which freezes the opportunity to own biologists to prescribe diets: an exclusive competence of the physician, the order said dryly.

It is still early March attack each other therapists (doctors)-physiatrists (technical) on the new rehabilitation plan developed by the Ministry of Health. According to the doctor's aims to "unify the service, overcoming sectional interests," while for the engineers is a "specialist for the Superman."

And it is now ancient history the "nyet" to the recognition of the profession of dentistry as a dental technician and ophthalmologists to that of an optician. Reason: doctors do not want to invasions of the field.

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