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The community nurse empties the Emergency Room

"As part of the reorganization of health care in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the objective to strengthen services in the territory, it gradually expanded the model of a community nurse, for their demonstrated ability to reduce this figure to the emergency room, and effective as a filter to the hospital. " The president says the region, Renzo Tondo, in his capacity as commissioner for Health, commenting on the positive results of 10 years of experimentation with this method of community care, initiated experimentally since 2001, in the District 5 Ass " Lower Friuli " which also operates hospitals in Palmanova and Latisana.

In the period 2009-2011 in two hospitals were in fact recorded 79,397 accesses to the emergency room with white code (no urgency), as compared to 97,282 requests for the three years 2005-2007, with a reduction of 17,885 accesses, equivalent to a minus 18.3 %. In 2011, people who went to the emergency room of two hospitals to code white, were 4,742 fewer than in 2009. While stressing that a more appropriate use of the emergency-room results from the combination of different factors and specific strategies implemented by the local health, and that is why the trend is generally down across the region, the presiding round shows how the presence of the nurse in the community, both outpatient and at home, reducing hospital use. The most vulnerable, chronically ill or simply because older, are kept under control in the long term.

community nurse school

Even the nurses can detect early signs of aggravation of a disease and alert the family physician. "It's a brilliant example of medicine and care initiative - said Tondo - no longer centered on the hospital, but on local services closer to the demands and needs of social-health of the population." Latisana and Palmanova they have the lowest regional rate of hospitalization, which is accompanied by the highest rate of coverage of care of the elderly (over 65 and over 75). Community nurses, therefore, as a promoter of continuity of care and the socio-health, in collaboration with professionals and players in the area. However, also as a key element in the care of patients discharged from a hospital, in close relationship with family doctors and social workers of Commons.

In short, a professional, Round concludes, can give effective responses to some objectives that the region has been given to modernize and make more uniform the health and social services: strengthening of local services, taking charge of integrated persons with chronic illnesses and disabilities, enhancement of home-care interventions, referral hospital for true emergencies and acute illnesses. The nurse is a community project with commitment and passion from the executive nursing association 5, Mara Pellizzari, and its contributors. We were progressively activated 21 "stations" of the community nurse, laid against the 23, with a coverage of 29 communes of 31 (missing Latisana and San Giorgio). In 2011, the initiative has been awarded by the Ministry of Health as one of the 10 best projects, as part of a research sponsored by the University on "The driver of development of local services."

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