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What is the stroke?

Illustration: ischemic stroke.
Stroke (stroke) is the sudden loss of body functions due to disturbances in brain circulation. Brain's hemorrhage is the cause in 10-15% of cases, while blood clots in blood vessels in the brain (thrombosis) is the cause in 80-85% of cases. If symptoms return within 24 hours, we call it transient ischemic attack, TIA - in Norwegian the term "drip." Most TIA lasts less than an hour.

Typical of stroke is that the symptoms are very fast. 90% of all stroke patients have one or more swift symptoms:

Facial palsy, (F) - facial paralysis
Armparese (A) - paralysis of an arm
Language Interference (S) - for example, word finding problemsSpeech disorder (T) - dysarthria, slurred speech
If there are one or more FAST symptoms, we recommend you / you contact the hospital / doctor for admission.

How are long-term prospects?
If you have had a TIA, the symptoms resolved within 24 hours.

After gone through and survived a stroke, the average survival of five years. A quarter of stroke victims survived with varying degrees of disability 9. Approximately, one third may be discharged directly to the home. A third is confined to the hospital for a shorter or longer time, and the last third to the specialized rehabilitation / retraining.

stroke warning signs

At the stroke survive 80-85% of stroke survivors the first month after the stroke and 70-75% survive the first year at the stroke mortality in the acute phase, 2-3 times higher than for patients with ischemic stroke. 25-35% die in the first month after cerebral hemorrhage. Many of these acute die outside the hospital.

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