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Living with stroke

Social isolation is common, especially in disorders of language function. There are also anxiety, agitation and depression in many of the stroke survivors. Social care and information to the family are important in the rehabilitation of patients.

Interviews with stroke patients

More vulnerable after stroke
Kjell had a stroke on Christmas Eve in 2000. Much training has helped him, but the tears are not so easy to control anymore.

Keith's jell had no notice of what was to come, when he suddenly broke down in the shower on Christmas Eve in 2000.

  • I had just finished showering, and should reach for your towel, when I found out that I did it, he said.

Both foot and arm on the right side suddenly failed, and he collapsed on the bathroom floor. He had no pain and soon realized that he had a stroke. He called his wife, and she came running. Together with the son in law, she called 911.
  • The ambulance arrived almost immediately. It's probably a bit to do with the result that you get help quickly, says Keith's jell.

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