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The rehabilitation program for stroke

To recover from a stroke includes several treatment phases: acute treatment, spontaneous recovery, rehabilitation and return to the home. Stroke patients often have complex rehabilitation needs, therefore, vary the course of the disease and the degree of recovery of lost body functions.

The acute phase includes the first day after having a stroke. It includes the initial minutes and hours in which you or your relatives emergency contacts, physicians and / or ambulance (see early treatment ). After arriving at the hospital put in measures to assess the extent of brain damage (eg. CT of the brain), and you are treated with such oxygen, abundant water supply, measures to prevent fever and possibly a lowering of high blood sugar, correction of cardiac arrhythmias and / or circulatory disorders. In exceptional cases, be given medicine that dissolves any clots (thrombolytic therapy) - this treatment must be started within three hours after stroke to be effective and requires that the cerebral hemorrhage as the cause is ruled out.

rehabilitation education program for stroke

Already during the first day you try to get you up in a chair or trying to get you to go (early mobilization). If the cause of the stroke is a blood clot (thrombosis), one would start with Albyl-E, which is a blood-thinning agent. Condition caused a blood clot that has come loose from the heart and followed the flow of blood to the brain, where the jam and closed a blood vessel, start with the so-called anticoagulation therapy with heparin and / or warfarin.

The goal of acute treatment is to increase the chance of survival, limit brain damage, prevent another stroke and take care of any medical problem.

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