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Stroke rehabilitation program spontaneous improvement

Spontaneous improvement
Most stroke patients get better by itself. Shortly after the battle, some skills have been lost, begin to come back again. This trend is most prominent in the early weeks, but it can sometimes continue for a long time.

Rehabilitation begins early. It aims to help stroke patients to preserve the functions or skills, regain lost skills and eventually become independent as possible (see rehabilitation after stroke ). The rehabilitation starts already during acute treatment. For many patients continue to participate in a joint training program and / or individual training. Many decisions regarding rehabilitation taken by the patient, family, and stroke unit before discharge from the hospital. From the hospital, many stroke patients transferred to rehabilitation center or nursing home for further training, while others may go directly home.

spontaneous improvement after stroke

The final phase in stroke treatment begins when you come home after acute care and rehabilitation. This phase can last a lifetime in which the stroke survivors, and their families learn to live with the damage during the battle. This includes making everyday tasks in new ways or by transferring tasks from a weakened body part to the fresh. For example. One can learn to write with your other hand.

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