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Prevention of stroke, some advice

When an artery (artery) that brought blood to the brain becomes blocked or ruptures, damage to the brain. This injury is called a "stroke."

What is a stroke?
When an artery (artery) that brought blood to the brain becomes blocked or ruptures, damage to the brain. This injury is called a "stroke." Stroke Cases can be mild, severe and fatal. Most people who have a stroke, is 60 years or older, but younger people may also have strokes.

Today we know something about how stroke can be prevented. Together with your doctor you can come up with measures to reduce your risk of stroke.

What increases the risk of stroke?
Stroke occurs most often in older people. It happens more sometimes in men than women, if you are under 75 years. This is the risk factors we cannot do anything. However, some risk factors; we can treat:

prevention of stroke and heart attack

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • High cholesterol
  • Atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat
  • "Drip" or so-called "warning" stroke. Described in technical terms TIA = transient ischemic attack

Do you have any of these conditions; you should talk to your doctor about your risk can be reduced?

What is a "drip"?
It is important that you know the symptoms of a "drip." When you have a drip, to one side or area of ​​your body feel numb or weak in a short period - often five minutes or less. In this period, you may be unable to speak or the words that come out are unclear or wrong. It can also be visual disturbances.

Because these symptoms do not last as long and do not give pain, it is easy to ignore a drip. However, people who have a drip, has about ten times greater risk of stroke. If you have a drip, you should contact a doctor within a day or two.

If a drip lasting longer than 15 minutes, it may be a stroke. Then you should call the emergency room or 113 to get you in the hospital.

Can Albyl help against stroke?
Albyl (or Aspirin, Aspirin, Dispril, Magnyl, Novid, etc.) can reduce the risk of stroke. Your doctor may ask you to take an Albyl-E daily if you have had a "drip," a stroke, chest pain or a heart attack.

The disadvantage is that in some Albyl can cause vaginal bleeding in the stomach or intestine. Use of Albyl-E reduces the risk of this side effect. However, talk to your doctor and listen if it is safe that you take an Albyl-E daily as prevention of stroke.

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