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What is the recovery rehabilitation after stroke?

The rehabilitation program at a hospital or a nursing-home patient may spend several hours a day on activities such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech training, rehabilitation therapy, group activities, patient and family education. It is important to maintain the skills that contribute to recovery. Part of the time spent learning skills (such as walking, talking) that the person had before the stroke. Part of the time used to learn new ways of doing things that cannot be done the old way, for example, using only one hand for tasks that need both hands.

recovery from paralysis after stroke

Rehabilitation team
Very often the professionals who participate in the rehabilitation, organized into a separate layer (team) that is tailored to the needs of individual patients. Patients, families and professionals are all members of the team. Regular meetings held to discuss the progress of treatment. This makes it easier to coordinate efforts and strengthen everyone's motivation to reach treatment goals.

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