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Rehabilitation after stroke what can family help?

If you are in a family with a person who has survived a stroke, you should encourage and support your loved ones visit your loved ones in the hospital or rehabilitation center. If the stroke survivors have difficulty talking, talk to your healthcare professional about how you can help. You can relax together with that of playing cards, watching TV, listening to music, playing computer games or other games, etc.

In some places, given the education to stroke survivors and their families. Ask if you can attend a training session at the rehabilitation center (hospital, nursing home, other). It is a good way to learn how the rehabilitation takes place and how you can help your loved one to be better.

Encourage and help your loved one to practice the skills you are doing in rehabilitation hours. Assist with rehabilitation staff to propose activities to suit your loved one's wishes and interests. Find out what he or she can do yourself, what he or she can do to help and what he or she cannot do at all. Avoid doing things so that your loved one can do yourself. Although the image will be strengthened with every task that he or she can do without help.

after stroke what to do

Talk to your doctor and other health professionals who participate in the training of your loved ones, so you will know how it goes. Furthermore, remember to take care of yourself. Eat well, get enough rest and take time to do things you enjoy doing.

Can I drive again?
Driving the car gives a feeling of independence, and you may wish to start running again. A stroke can affect your mobility, vision, thinking and ability to communicate. Your reaction time may also have been slower. Think carefully about how these changes may affect your own and others' safety. Your doctor can help you decide whether and when to start running again. If the conclusion is that you cannot drive more, you should be happy with yourself who have taken a responsible decision.

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