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Rehabilitation after stroke setting goals

The goals of rehabilitation depend on the extent of brain damage after stroke, the patient could do before the stroke and the patient's wishes. Together they set the patient, family and treatment team goals. In many cases it is necessary to repeat tasks many times until the objectives are reached.

If goals are too high, the patient will not be able to reach them. If they are too low, the patient may not receive all the assistance that could have helped. If they do not match with the patient's interests, will work at them. Therefore it is essential that the goals are realistic. To help achieve realistic goals should be both patient and family tell program staff about things that patients want to be able to do.

Rehabilitation Goals

  • Be able to walk, at least with a walker or cane
  • Being able to help themselves with some special equipment
  • Be able to wash himself
  • Be able to survive alone in the toilet
setting goals for stroke patients

Reaching treatment goals does not mean the end of the training. It just means that you are ready for new goals.

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