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Stroke Rehabilitation Personnel

Because every shot is distinctive, treatment will be different from person to person. Rehabilitation is carried out by various types of specially trained healthcare professionals.

The doctor
The doctor has a central role in the rehabilitation team. His or her background can vary: general practitioner, internist, geriater (specialist in elderly patients), neurologist (a specialist in the brain and nervous system), physical medicine (a specialist in musculoskeletal disorders and rehabilitation).

Rehabilitation Nurse
A nurse who specializes in nursing care for people with disabilities. They provide direct care, educate patients and families, and helping to coordinate treatment.

They assess and treat problems with moving, balance and coordination. They provide exercises and training to improve walking, getting in and out of bed or chair without losing balance and mobility. They must learn to help the families of patients in exercises and training, moving and walking.

Occupational Therapy
They instruct patients in exercises and practical tasks of teaching the patient to a stroke, such as eating, bathing, writing, dressing, cooking. Old way of doing things is no longer available, then the therapist teaches the patient a new technique.

allied health personnel rehabilitation

Speech and language therapist
Speech therapist helps the patient to talk and learn about other ways to communicate. Teaching families how to improve the relationship is of paramount importance. They also help patients with swallowing.

These workers help patients, and families take decisions about rehabilitation and plan the return to the home or a new apartment. They also help in filling out applications for such insurance agency, municipality, an insurance company. They can also provide advice in relation to a wide range of issues.

It is not very common that psychologists are part of the rehabilitation team, but when they enter, they have important responsibilities in relation to the patient's mental and physical health. They use interviews and tests to identify and understand problems. They also participate in the treatment of disorders of the patient's thinking or memory, and provide advice to other types of health professionals for the treatment.

These therapists help patients to resume activities they enjoyed before the stroke, for example. Playing cards, gardening, doing various forms of leisure pursuits. Occupational assist in the rehabilitation process and encourage patients to practice their skills.

Other types of professionals can also participate in the treatment of the patient. Nutrition Specialist, personnel that make Rails / support bandages / special shoes, etc., "fotdame".

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