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Early treatment of stroke

The brain
The brain, together with the spinal cord the body's central nervous system (see figure ). The brain consists of a right and a left hemisphere. The outer part of the brain, the cerebral cortex or gray matter, controls most body functions such as vision, hearing, speaking, thinking, movement, etc. The inner part of the brain, the white substance, consisting mainly of nerve pathways connecting the different parts of the brain together, and leading nerve impulses up and down the spinal cord.

The neural pathways cross to the opposite side of the white substance. Lesions in the left hemisphere lead to functional impairment in the right side of the body. In contrast, a damage in the right hemisphere to the functional impairment of the left side of the body.

Nerve cells are irreplaceable. If nerve cells lose their blood supply or are damaged by a bleeding in the brain tissue, for example. Of stroke, death of these cells and other cells, only a limited extent able to take these cells function. Damage to the brain often causes persistent functional impairment. If the speech center is damaged by a stroke, there is the danger that the speech disturbance may be lasting.

early management of stroke

If you become paralyzed in one arm and / or a foot, there is little chance that you regain full power. Fortunately, first impressions after a stroke indicate a greater harm than it really is. This is because many cells in the area outside the damaged tissue are transient dysfunction in the initial acute phase.

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