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Acute stroke

Acute stroke is a sudden onset of functional impairment caused by an unexpected change in the brain's blood supply. It is a condition that requires rapid and accurate diagnosis and early treatment. Usually, it involves one of two types of stroke: (1) Termination of the blood supply because it has formed a local blood clot (thrombosis) in an artery in the brain, or because a blood clot (embolus) had been transported by the blood flow from the heart or carotid artery and blocked blood vessels. Thrombosis or embolism is responsible for approx. 85% of all cases of stroke (2) the second type of stroke, brain hemorrhage, which means that a blood vessel burst. Brain's hemorrhage is 15%.

Early treatment
Patients with stroke should be evaluated immediately by a hospital because as soon as possible diagnosis and treatment can limit brain damage. CT of the brain may be early in the course distinguish between thrombosis and bleeding.

Because parts of the brain will die because of lack of oxygen (oxygen deficiency) as a result of interruption of blood supply, the treatment with oxygen may be beneficial and, therefore, be initiated immediately.

acute stroke rehabilitation

Treatment with clot-dissolving drugs has led to a significant improvement of the outlook for patients with acute stroke due to thrombosis. In order to get the benefit from this treatment, it is essential that treatment is started shortly after the stroke. For best results, if a treatment can be given within the first two hours after the stroke, but it is proven positive effect up to 4.5 hours from an onset of symptoms reported.

This means that it is the urgent admission to the hospital if it is suspected stroke - CALL 911 after acute treatment, prompt mobilization, and early initiation of systematic training, one of the most important measures to achieve good treatment outcomes for stroke.

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