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Symptoms and signs of stroke

Symptoms and signs of stroke depend on where in the brain damage occurs. It Must have more of the 4 so called FAST symptom: The letters are short for face (facial), arm, language and speech.

(1) Facial Paralysis or bias in the face often occurred.

(2) Paralysis or impaired function in the arm or hand, this can vary from a little clumsiness in hand to complete paralysis of the arm.

(3) The language disorder refers to incoherent speech, babbling, or lack of meaning in what is being said.

symptoms and warning signs of stroke

(4) The speech disorder is the nature of language and speech coherent and understandable, but paralysis of the throat and voice organs leading to difficulties with correct pronunciation.
If you suddenly experience one of these symptoms, it is likely that there may be a stroke, and it is correct to call 911 and ask for admission immediately.

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