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What is a blood clot during pregnancy?

A condensation of a blood vessel called a blood clot or thrombosis. A blood clot can occur in both the arterial (carries blood from the heart) and the venous side (carries blood to the heart) of the circulatory system. If this condition occurs during pregnancy, it is almost always a venous thrombosis. The state has been varying severity, but may in the short term, be life-threatening and in the long term lead to serious complications. The risk of blood clots is probably four times higher in the pregnant compared with the non-pregnant women.

A deep-vein thrombosis is a blood clot that sits in a deep samleƄre in the calf or thigh. In exceptional cases, such a clot loose (embolized) and flow with the blood flow to the heart and lungs, called pulmonary embolism.

blood clot during pregnancy in uterus

Deep-vein thrombosis occurs in 0.5 to 3.0 in 1000 pregnancies and is the leading cause of death among pregnant women in the United States. Eighty percent of all cases, blood clots associated with pregnancy, occurs in the postnatal period in previous thrombosis risk about 10% of new pregnancies. 1 per 700 gets deep-vein thrombosis in the postpartum period. 1 per 2500 have pulmonary embolism in pregnancy. The condition occurs equally frequently in all trimesters and after birth.

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