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Blood clots in pregnancy causes

What causes the condition?
Blood vessel damage, infection and tissue damage combined with increased blodlevringstendens and disturbance of blood flow, sets in motion the process that ends with deep-vein thrombosis. In pregnancy, the pregnant uterus could press on blood vessels in the abdomen and lead to decreased blood flow. In addition, the hormonal changes of the blood clot more easily than in pregnant women except pregnancy.

Embolism can occur if the pieces of a clot loose, follow the blood stream and attach itself to a smaller blood vessel.

what causes blood clots in early pregnancy

The risk of thrombosis during pregnancy increases with age (> 35 years), obesity (BMI> 30), number of children and family history of clotting disease. The pregnancy itself is a risk factor for developing blood clots. Additional factors that increase the risk are smoking, cesarean delivery, bed rest and overweight / obesity. Inherited disorders of blodlevrings system( thrombophilia ) provides the significant increase in the risk of blood clots.

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