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Blood clots in lungs diagnosed

Blood clots in lungs.

How the condition diagnosed?
Diagnosis can be difficult to ask. Suspicion of pulmonary embolism based on medical history always leads to acute hospitalization. There will be blood tests, among other things, to rule out other diseases that are the basis for complaints. The lungs will be thoroughly investigated, and a special CT scanned of blood vessels provide certain answers.

How is the condition?
Preventive treatment
Physical activity is very important because blood clots often form after long periods of immobilization, such as long flights. This is also one of the main reasons that operated or seriously ill patients are advised to get out of bed as soon as possible.

Blood-thinning drugs used to prevent the formation of new blood clots. In the beginning given blood-thinning medication directly into the blood, but after a few days, walk over to tablets ( warfarin ) to use at least six months ahead.

lungs diagnosis

Surgical treatment
The life-threatening embolism trying doctors sometimes with surgical removal of the clot if other treatments do not provide the expected effect.

  • A disease in which a plug of solid material (blood clot) separated from their place of origin and transported by the bloodstream to the lungs.
  • Corky gets stuck in one of the arteries of the lungs and blocks it.
  • Small pulmonary emboli do not cause symptoms at all, or they can take the stitches, cough or moderate breathlessness.
  • Larger clots provide powerful wheezing or breathlessness, cough and chest pain that increases with breathing.
  • The course depends entirely on the size of the clot. It can range from minor, transient symptoms of acute death.

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