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What is acute arterial insufficiency?

It's called acute arterial insufficiency when an artery in an arm or foot, for any reason you are not able to carry enough blood to the tissue that normally supplied by the artery, dies.

Symptoms such as pain, numbness and cold arm / foot is usually very fast. The skin becomes pale and bluish later in the area that is without blood supply. It eventually develops usually severe pain.

How is the condition?
Treatment intent is to restore optimal blood circulation. The complete blockage of blood vessels is needed emergency treatment to prevent gangrene.

You can even prevent the disease, and the important thing is to stop smoking. Regular exercise contributes greatly to keeping blood vessels open, and can also lead to improved blood circulation in the feet.

Acute arterial insufficiency leading to acute hospitalization. The treatment here will consist of the clot surgically removed as long as possible. Sometimes, there is no getting away from amputation to prevent gangrene.

What causes acute arterial insufficiency?

Arteries in the legs
Usually the reason why an artery clogged completely, a blood clot that wedges stuck in blood vessels. This clot can be formed on site. Other times, clot formed elsewhere in the circulatory system and transported by the bloodstream until it finally stuck.

Blood clots form more easily if you have heart disease, such as atrial fibrillation, or seal off one or more arteries. When it forms eddies where the blood is a little stagnant, and it can clot more easily. When atherosclerosis is formed it easier blood clots. The walls of a calcified blood vessel are a little fragile, and if there is a crack in the artery wall; the blood may clot blood clots can also form without an underlying coronary heart disease. If you have a large volume-depleted blood is more viscous, and it occurs facilitates blood clots.
Some things can make you more prone to develop acute arterial insufficiency:

Heart disease and high cholesterol
1. Cardiac Fibrillation
2. Atherosclerosis due to diabetes or smoking
3. Dehydration

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