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Raynaud's phenomenon how is the condition?

There are several things you can do yourself:

Use of tobacco or drugs that can reduce blood flow to the skin should be avoided.
The most important treatment is to keep warm on the hands and fingers; it means that you should use gloves and gloves frequently. Possibly, with the addition of heat aids skovarmere etc.

You should avoid laceration of the fingers.
It is also important to use the moisturizer a tendency to dry and cracked skin.
The effect of drugs is limited, and no medication can cure the condition. Since the course is mostly benign, and most patients are young and otherwise healthy, the drugs mainly often not applicable. Medication is only recommended in patients with severe symptoms. The preferred preparation is called a calcium-channel blocker, for example. nifedipine. If potassium blockers do not have sufficient effect, there are other options that may be attempted.

In severe cases where blood flow during seizures is so pronounced that the formation of ulcers and skin lesions, surgical treatment may be appropriate. Such treatment may include the cutting of some small nerve fibers that act on blood vessels. It may also be necessary to carry out works on the blood vessels.

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