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What causes Raynaud's phenomenon?

The actual cause is unknown. In some cases, heredity plays in, is particularly common in those with early onset of the disease. Work with slag-/vibrasjonsverkt√ły increases the risk of being affected by Raynaud's phenomenon. Smoking worsens the symptoms because it reduces body temperature and reduces blood flow.

During seizures pull muscles around the small arteries of the fingers or toes together. This causes less blood reaches these areas, and they are white and stiff. Eventually, when the skin lacks oxygen, it becomes blue or mauve after a while, open the blood vessels more than usual, and this causes swelling and redness.

Raynaud's phenomenon occurs in most cases (80-90%) without any other disease. However, there is also a secondary form - caused by an underlying disease. Secondary Raynaud's phenomenon can occur as a result of diseases of the blood vessels or connective tissue after injury and poisoning, or after infection and frostbite. A rare connective tissue disease called systemic sclerosis is closely associated with Raynaud's phenomenon. Approx. 90% of those with systemic sclerosis suffers from Raynaud's phenomenon.

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