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Raynaud's phenomenon

What is Raynaud's phenomenon?

Raynaud's phenomenon is also called "likfingre". It is a condition with paroxysmal poor blood supply to the fingers, toes or nose or less tip of the tongue. Seizures are often triggered by cold or strong emotions. The fingers are the most vulnerable and becomes pale and stiff. They are first white, then blue (cyanotic), but eventually they become red and swollen. Often the initial phase associated with stiffness or tightness feeling in that area, but together with the color red is often burning pain and possibly tingling and numbness. Heat often provide relief. Between attacks the fingers usually completely normal.

Raynaud's phenomenon is common, it is found that as many as 4-8% of the adult population may have complaints. Onset is usually in the 15-45 years of age. Over 70% marks the first symptoms until they are 40.
raynauds phenomenon symptoms
How are long-term prospects?
The condition is basically harmless and does not lead to other consequences than pain during attacks. Many feel, however, a slow deterioration of the condition as time goes on.

Some young patients with Raynaud's phenomenon are advised to pay attention to the disease in the choice of profession. One should for example avoid working outside in severe cold. Also, occupations that require the operation of vibrating tools, is discouraged.

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