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What causes venous blood clots on the brain?

There are a number of risk factors in venous thrombosis in the brain. It may be a head injury, medical treatment for brain and spinal cord, changes within the body in connection with pregnancy, childbirth, dehydration, infections, disorders of the body blood clotting system (hypercoagulable conditions), blood diseases, medications like birth control pills, hormone therapy and cortisone. In approx. 85% identified one or more risk factors.

What are the symptoms and signs, disease?
The condition presents itself in many different ways. The start can be acute, subacute (65-70% or chronic (20%). Venous thrombosis in the brain can cause high pressure inside the head (intracranial hypertension), local damage in the brain (focal symptoms) and may provide general outcome (encephalopathy).

High pressure inside the head will cause headaches with or without vomiting and visual disturbances. Headaches are the most frequent (90%) and usually the first symptom. In some cases, it preceded other symptoms and signs with the days or weeks. The headache usually increases over a few days.

causes diagnosis symptoms and signs venous blood clots

Local brain injury can trigger seizures and / or paralysis.

Signs of general brain damage may be disturbance of consciousness and impaired mental functions.

How is the diagnosis?
Diagnosis can be difficult to make because it is so rare that one cannot think of it. The diagnosis requires photo surveys of the head, CT and / or MRI, possibly with imaging after injection of contrast in the veins.

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