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Venous blood clot in the brain - cerebral venous thrombosis

In circulation distinguishes between two main types of veins,(veins and arteries). The heart and the body of oxygen - rich blood to carry. Layer the heart back into oxygen - poor blood to carry. The same organization is found throughout the brain.

Blood clots (thrombosis) can occur in both arteries and veins. The vast majority occurs arteries.

What is venous blood clot to the brain?

Venous blood clot in the brain - cerebral venous thrombosis - is a thrombosis in a large vein within the brain. There is a special form of stroke. The condition should be suspected in any patient who presents with severe headache and vomiting without another underlying disease.

cerebral venous thrombosis guidelines

The condition is uncommon. We expect that the number of new cases of the condition is less than 1 per 100,000 per annum. The condition occurs in both children (most often) and adults. Among adults, the average age for those with cerebral venous thrombosis lower than for other types of stroke eight women have a more cerebral venous thrombosis than men, which is associated with oral contraceptive use.

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