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What causes the subclavian steal syndrome?

In the western world is atherosclerosis ( atherosclerosis ) is the dominant cause of subclavian steal. By accelerating the hardening of the artery's blood flow changes gradually developed over the years. More unusual causes of subclavian steal Takayasu's arteritis, injury after surgery or radiation therapy, tumor of the chest cavity, damage to blood vessel wall and anatomical anomalies.

Subclavian artery constriction leads to lower blood pressure in the artery, which is beyond recovery. This could mean that the pressure in the vertebral artery is so small that it will draw blood from other vessels in the brain this change in the pattern of blood flow to ensure adequate blood flow to the arm on the same side.

Thus, blood flow to the brain decreases, which can cause various symptoms. This is usually not a permanent condition, but it is episodic, as short-term attacks.

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