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What are the symptoms and signs can subclavian steal syndrome lead to?

Reduced blood flow to the brain stem, cerebellum, visual center in the brain or the page's arm can cause a variety of symptoms. If the brain loses some of its blood supply can cause symptoms such as paroxysmal dizziness, difficulty speaking (dysarthria), uncontrolled movements (ataxia), diplopia and drop attacks and visual disturbances in the form of transient visual field outcome. Often, additional blood supply from other arteries compensated for pressure drop, and it will not cause specific symptoms.

A symptom due to decreased blood flow to the arm is less common than brain symptoms. Declining circulation to the arm can be manifested as weakness, pain through the use of the arm, tingling sensation or coldness in the arm.

The symptoms can sometimes provoke the arm muscle work or rapid head turn towards the current page. In occupations were working a lot with the arms above the horizontal level, the symptoms can therefore be especially prominent.

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