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Subclavian steal syndrome how is the diagnosis?

In some cases, symptoms suggestive of the condition, but often overlooked this explanation because it is a relatively rare condition. By measuring blood pressure of both arms find a lower blood pressure on the current page, and eventually there will be diminished or absent pulse in the wrist the same arm. In some cases, your doctor may hear a suselyd of the narrow section of the artery on the neck.

The condition is suspected ultrasound examination a readily available method that directly or indirectly view subclavian steal-blood flow changes. CT or MRI combined with injection of contrast agent in blood vessels may also produce narrowing.

What is the treatment?
Diagnosis and treatment of subclavian steal syndrome are interdisciplinary and involves neurologist, vascular surgeons and radiologist. The subclavian steal with no or only scanty symptoms, a wait of treatment regardless of the degree of blood flow changes in the vertebral artery. The expectant treatment will usually consist of modification of risk factors for atherosclerosis by treating high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol as well as any advice on smoking cessation. Such preventive measures will still be of value by helping to reduce the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease and disease of the legs.

The clear and distressing symptoms the patient should be evaluated for surgery to open the stricture of a vessel. Nowadays, it is usually done with an internal "peeling" of the artery and insertion of a reinforcement (stent) in the section where the stricture was. The entire procedure called endovascular stenting. The operative treatment of subclavian steals the results are generally good, but the choice of treatment must always be considered individually.

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