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Impaired blood circulation in the legs

What is intermittent claudication?

Intermittent claudication, "roykeben", is pain in the legs due to poor blood circulation in the arteries (the arteries). Typical of this condition is that you know the pain and lazy feeling in the legs when walking. This gets better with rest. It can also be painful at night, but it may help to sit with your legs hanging off the bed. The feet are pale and cold, and ulcers on the legs usually grow slowly.

2% of the population over 50 years roykeben, 3% over 60 years and 20% over 75 years. Men are affected twice as frequently as women. If you smoke and / or have diabetes and / or high blood pressure, increases the risk of narrow blood vessels significantly.

What is the prognosis?
With continued smoking will condition progressively worsens, and the prognosis is serious. In approx. 10% of those with episodes of claudication eventually develop critical circulatory failure.

Long-term prognosis depends on the degree of atherosclerosis and other predisposing diseases. Impaired circulation in the legs is an indicator of widespread atherosclerosis and increased risk of death. Heart attack and stroke are the most frequent causes of death, and occurs three times as common as in people without this disease.

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