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What causes impaired blood circulation in the legs?

Atherosclerosis, ie deposition of cholesterol and fat particles inside the blood vessels, is the cause. The blood vessels become exclusive and can become so narrow that they cannot carry adequate blood, and thus too little oxygen. When the muscles of the legs are not getting enough oxygen, it causes pain, and gradually weakening of muscles the effort, for example. When you go, increasing oxygen requirement and pain occurs. By resting on your muscles a chance to recover, and the pain ceases.

Some factors make you more prone to developing this condition. It is about the same risk factors apply to stroke and heart attack:

  • Smoking is the most important single cause!
  • Diabetes type 1 and type 2
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
Patients with roykeben have also increased the risk of being affected by other diseases caused by atherosclerosis; that is, angina, heart attack and stroke. It is important that it is taken into account when choosing treatment.

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