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What causes the Sub-arachnoid hemorrhage?

Bleeding starts when a bulge in an artery (aneurysm, represents 75-80%), or a congenital vascular malformation (10%) and cracks Aneurysms are usually located at the division sites of the major arteries to the brain.

There is no certain link between the SAB and high blood pressure. There is an increased incidence of SAB in some families. Smoking also counts for the SAB.

The brain is surrounded by three meninges. The middle of these are the arachnoid membrane and choroid. SAH is bleeding into the space of the retina, which also lies outside the brain.

subarachnoid hemorrhage causes

The skull is not elastic, and when it fills up with blood, the pressure inside the skull.

This causes the brain is pressed together and can be damaged.

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