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Subarachnoid hemorrhage condition

How is the condition?
The goal of treatment is to prevent re-bleeding and reduce the damage of the onset bleeding. Early diagnosis and treatment allow for the operation and prevent refeeding. Strict bed rest is important, and every effort must be avoided.

Early drug therapy (tranexamic acid) is shown to be beneficial. This treatment is in progress or forward operation. Surgery depends on the patient's general condition, aneurysm size and location, availability of surgery, whether there is a blood clot. Previously, the main treatment that the surgeon opens the skull, found the bleeding site and put on a clip that clips of the demonstrated ballooning of the artery after successful surgery, the risk for new bleeding very little. The problem with this method is that some patients are too poor to withstand such an operation, and in such cases, there was nothing else to do but wait for nature.

subarachnoid hemorrhage more condition_symptoms

Coiling is the treatment method that is currently used most. It is a much less invasive and involves a catheter is inserted into an artery to the brain and out to where the bleeding / aneurysm is located. Vein blocked by inserting a material who is transformed into a solid mass when it comes into contact with blood. The result of this method is clearly better and safer than surgery and prevent re-bleeding. The treatment requires frequent checks and good follow-up and in some cases also the replenishment of coil material (recoiling). Although it lacks decent long-term studies, the results of coiling so good that today increasingly treats not only the age of 70, but 70-year-olds and partly 80-year-olds with subarachnoid hemorrhage, and with good results.

In the acute phase, patients with SAH watched carefully in the intensive care unit. While the privacy of an aneurysm by coiling or clip takes a few hours in an operation department, the other the treatment of neuro-intensive monitoring section or unit may extend over 1-2 weeks.

Follow-up after discharge from the hospital is important. The scheme depends on which treatment has been applied.

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